This is compact medical grade AIR COMPRESSOR intended for the delivery of clean and dry compressed air.

It comprises of special designed motor head assembly incorporating special grade Teflon metal mixed piston ring which eliminates use of lubrication oil making it an oil free compressor.


To avoid any bacterial infection, no storage device, such as tank used.

It continuous generates presser and flow to seprates moisture a microprocessor along with solenoid valve and dryer assembly used.

Oil-free Piston compressor delivers dry medical grade quality compressed air.

Can be used as a stand alone compressor or integrated with ventilator.

Pneumatic Data
Maximum Output Pressure:

4 bar (standard ventilator setting).

Maximum Output Flow:

90 I/min, continuous at 4 bar.

Particulate filtration:

99% of 5 micron or larger particulate removed.

Moisture separation:

Dryer cylinder used along with solenoid valve and microprocessor.

Dew Point Depression:

3.3 `C below room temperature at maximum output.

Atmospheric Pressure:

780hPa < p < 1060hPa.

Physical Data
Air outlet connector:

3/4 "- 16 UNF (DISS) or DIN 13254 back side.

Dimensions in inches:

16W X 14H X 16D (without Caster) caster size 3 inch.


Below 45dbA at 1 m distance.


Air filter 5 microns.



Electrical Data
Power cord:

2 Mtr.

Power protection:

M.C.B. used.

Power requirements:

230VAC +10% or -10% 50Hz.

Power consumption:

single phase, 600watts.

Indicators & switches
Main switch:

Electronic soft touch with LCD indication .

System fail: /p>Dialogue written on LCD Screen.

Stand By:

Dialogue written on LCD Screen.

Performance gauge:

Provided on front panel.

Temperature alarm:

Dialogue written on LCD Screen (optional).

Used time indicator:

Mechanical hour meter used.

Nebulizer port:


Environmental Data
Ambient Operating Temperature:

10 c to 45 c Humidity below 90%1c to 60 c.