Product Details

Servovent Neo

Ventilating to neonates needs special care and accuracy. The aim of SERVOVENT Neo is not to confuse the doctors with many complicated settings of ventilating parameters, But to provide accurate, desired and needful way of ventilation.

SERVOVENT Neo can ventilate patient in a invasive and non-invasive way, nasal cannula can also be used with very less numbers of keys. SERVOVENT Neo provides all standard settings required to ventilate tiny baby. This ventilator uses servo principle which avoids many complications of assisted mechanical ventilator in new borns.

Pressure triggering at the proximal airway offers the sensitivity and response time that is required for tiny premature infants with rapid respiratory rates. This results in consistent ventilator-patient synchrony and decreased work of breathing in infants.


Simplicity of Settings:
- This function in SERVOVENT NEO is better than other Ventilators, as we have used finger-touch Technology.
- It is a easy to use technology.

Ventilation Ratio Monitoring:
- SERVOVENT NEO allows user to monitor and control.
- The inhalation time and exhalation time is in milli seconds and the ratio is always displayed continuously.

Compact Size:
- The size of SERVOVENT NEO is designed to be compact and can be installed in minimum possible place.

- SERVOVENT NEO is sturdy and the body frame has longer life.
- The body is coated with Epoxy powder coating.

Servo Mechanism:
- Auto gas compention as per FDA guidelines.
- PIP pressure is precisely controlled through servo mechanism.
- SERVOVENT NEO is ready to ventilate within 40 seconds from switching on the machine.

Online Gas Source Monitoring on Front Panel:
- User can easily monitor available gas source pressure.
- This helps in monitoring the quantity of available gas source.
- Hence user can make provision before the available gas is exhuasted completely.

High Flow Inspiratory Gas Advantages:
- This function allows to attend minutest trigger occurring in neonate.
- Breathing circuit washes out while inexhalation phase of the ventilation.
- This reduces re-breathing in exhaled gas.
- Any small leak in breathing circuit will also get compensated.

Autoclavable Expiratory Valve:
- To protect ventilator from any infection from patient SERVOVENT NEO have used user removable autoclavable expiratory valve and diaphram.

FiO2 Monitoring on Front Panel:
- Servovent Neo monitors inspiration gas by using galvanic oxygen sensor.
- This allows the user to monitor the exact percentage of oxygen inhaled by the patient.

High Pressure Gas blender:
- Air ad oxygen are blended by special mechanical blender and performance is monitoring by FiO2 monitor provided just above the knob.

Technical Specification:

Ventilation Mode:


Inspiratory Time:

100 to 300 milli sec.

CPAP/PEEP Pressure:

0 to 15 CmH2O

Inspiratory Pressure: 5 to 60 CmH2O
FiO2: 21% to 100

1 to 150

I:E Ratio:

11.2:1 to 1:600

Pressure Monitor Real-time Pressure Measurement:

Resolution 1CmH2O

Sampling Time: 2 ms
FiO2: 21% to 100
Peak Pressure:

0 to 80 CmH2O / Resolution 1 CmH2O

PEEP Pressure

0 to 20 CmH2O

User Settable Alarms:


High Pressure Range: 5 to 90 CmH2O
Low Pressure Range 0 to 20 CmH2O
System Alarms:

Low Air Supply:

Value Also Displayed On Screen.

High Air Supply:

Value Also Displayed On Screen.

Low O2 Supply: Value Also Displayed On Screen.
High O2 Supply: Value Also Displayed On Screen.
Cycle fail in all methods:


Low FiO2, High FiO2:


Apnea Time:

Only active in CPAP mode

Power requirments
Voltage: 100-250 V / 50-60 Hz.
Power: 50W
Battery Back-Up: 45-60 minutes(Dependent on mode of opration).
Battery Charging: Full Charge 24 hours, 80% charge after 8 hour.
Air and O2 Input Pressure: 3-5 Bar
Fresh Gas Flow: 12 liters/min
Maximum Gas Flow: 20 liters/min.
Dimensions Size: 28cm W x 30cm H x 28cm D(Only ventilatior).
Height On Stand: 120cm
Weight Ventilatior Only: 13 kg.